When all else fails, ignore

So after calling Green Tree about removing the PMI on my mortgage, its’ still the typical run around.  Call one week and you get one answer.  Call the next, you get a totally different answer.

I sent in the second appraisal the first week of November.  End of the first week, call to confirm receipt (they say they don’t have a note of it and to call the following week).  Second week, I call to confirm and am told that that yes, they have received it and they have a note that it will be completed by December 10.  I call again on the fourth week of November only to be told that they were denying it again (turns out they were looking at the original appraisal).  Call back the first week of December and find out that now Green Tree claims that they never received the appraisal or my request to remove PMI.

Yep, four weeks and all that time for them to look at a document they already have AND to come up with the excuse that they never received it.  Except for the confirmed transmission fax receipt and the fact their own employee admitted they had received it.

Six months after the process started, still trying to get Green Tree to do their job.

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